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Web Development
(2-week immersive)

9 - 9:30am

The Startup

We start the day with a fun, interactive challenge. You will be grouped into teams and compete in a game that gets you out of your chair and gets your brain flowing.

9:30 - 10am

See, Try, Practice, Learn

This is where we introduce new coding topics to you. We keep this interactive so you aren't stuck staring at a powerpoint presentation the whole time.

10am - 12pm

Think, Build, Break, Fix

You will dive deep into project-based lessons where you are challenged to think like engineers. Implementing the techniques just learned, you will persevere through failure and see your code come to life. ​

12 - 1pm


You get an hour break for lunch to rest and recharge your brain before the afternoon session!

1 - 1:30pm

Extend Your Learning

You will be introduced to extension topics relating to your morning work. We sometimes use this time to share code snippets and talk through multiple solutions.

1:30 - 3:30pm

Build, Build, Build

During this time, you will be back at your keyboards coding through our challenges!

3:30 - 4pm

The Daily Wrap 

Towards the end of the day we will review code from different students to analyze the pros and cons of various solutions. You will then be able to refactor your code to incorporate your newfound knowledge. We wrap up the day discussing what we learned and connecting our daily topics to previous knowledge.

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